With TableMaster you can choose a column and export it to a FieldMaster list. Then, when you are on an input field on the same or any other web page, you can pass the value from the list into the field. FieldMaster lists are stored on disk, so FieldMaster can use the list a day or a month or a year later.

For example, suppose you were trying to choose a stock to invest in. You might use TableMaster to help you sort and filter potential stocks. Now you want to look at the chart of each stock. There is no need to laboriously copy down all the stock symbols and type them in again. Create a list from the column of stock symbols, and feed the values from that list into the stock selector field of your charting website.

The following sections show the simple 3 steps to using FieldMaster.

Create a FieldMaster List

First of all you need to create a FieldMaster list. In order to do this, press on the “make a list” button list that TableMaster put at the top of the column.

When you do that a popup menu will give you a number of choices:

  • Save to New List
  • Append to Existing List
  • Delete List

Suppose you wanted to create a list of all the countries from the demonstration table. You would choose “Save to New List” and a small dialog box would appear, asking you to enter the name of the list. You might decide to call it COUNTRIES. You would see something like this:

create a list

All you need to do is click “OK” and the FieldMaster list has been created.

Note that the table might contain rows with duplicate data. The “Unique Values Only” checkbox allows you to create a list that only has one entry for every unique value in the column.

Attach the List to a Field

Now you can navigate to the webpage you want to use the list on. For example, it might have a field like the one below:


When the cursor is over the field, right-click on the mouse. In the menu that appears you can choose “FieldMaster”. A dialog box like the one below will appear, allowing you to choose which list you want.


Choose the list you want and press OK. FieldMaster will put the first value from the list into the field, and it will add 3 new buttons next to the field:

  • To get the previous value in the list
  • To delete the current value from the list
  • To get the next value from the list

Use the List

That’s all there is to it!

Now you can click on the next/prev button to get FieldMaster to copy the next/prev values from the list into the field. For example in the screenshots below we have stepped through some values with the “next” button.