MasterAddOns’ TableMaster

TableMaster is an unobtrusive browser addon that appears in the drop-down menu when you right click on a web page. It can add a wealth of power to almost any table in the internet.

before and after

Common Uses

  • Gmail users sort and filter their emails, and flag different emails in up to four different colors.
  • Bank statements and credit card accounts are easier to work with – e.g. filter out transactions below a certain amount, or flag transactions that need to be checked.
  • Software Engineers like to use it together with bug tracking tools (e.g. Bugzilla) and code coverage tools (e.g. Emma)
  • Investors use it to filter and mark stock scans, and to create lists of selected stocks. See the section on FieldMaster below


Clicking on the “TableMaster” option adds buttons to the rows and columns of the table. These buttons enable:

  • Sorting (ascending and descending)
  • Hiding rows
  • Filtering rows by range, value or regular expression
  • Flagging rows, and filtering rows by flag color. These flags can be saved and later reloaded
  • Export to word
  • Export to excel
  • Export to XML
  • Copy to the clipboard

All of this happens within your browser. Once TableMaster is installed, there are no callbacks to MasterAddOns. But that is not all….


TableMaster comes bundled with FieldMaster. You can choose a column and export it to a FieldMaster list. Then, when you are on an input field on the same or any other web page, you can pass the value from the list into the field.

Suppose you were trying to choose a stock to invest in. You might use TableMaster to help you sort and filter potential stocks. Now you want to look at the chart of each firm. There is no need to laboriously copy down all the stock symbols and type them in again. Create a list from the column of stock symbols, and feed the values from that list into the stock selector field of your charting website.


TableMaster can be downloaded and used for free for a 30 day trial period.

A license costs a mere $10.00 – less when multiple licenses are purchased.

Go to the Purchase page for more details.