Why can I only install to C?
Some versions of Internet Explorer will only find icons on the local machine if they are located on “C:”. This is the reason why TableMaster installation insists on installation to C:

What happens to my license if I uninstall?
Your license is not lost. Next time you install it will recognize the license you previously purchased.

I have installed a few times. What date is used for the trial period?
The very first time you installed.

I use both Firefox and Internet Explorer. What do I need to do?
You need to download and install TableMaster for each of these.

However you only need to buy one license – it will apply to both installations.

I tried to install to Firefox, and it told me that it couldn’t run Firefox to complete the installation. What do I do?
To complete the installation you need to install the TableMaster.xpi file.

The installaton completed but I can’t see TableMaster anywhere.

First, please have a look at the section “How do I operate it?”

If you still can’t see it in the menu, then if you are a Firefox user, try and install the xpi file manually.

For more information see How to install xpi files.

If this did not help, or you are an Internet Explorer user, please contact us on the Contacts page.

Multiple users

What if I have multiple users on the PC?

You will have to install TableMaster individually for each one, but you will have to purchase a license only once. When you register for one user, all the other users will automatically be registered as well.

Note: for Firefox users, it is not necessary to perform an entire re-installation. You only need to install the TableMaster xpi file.

I have multiple users – how do I do uninstall for all of them?

You will have to uninstall for each one individually.

To install do: Start->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs->Table Master->Remove

I have multiple users – how do I do uninstall for only one?

In this case we recommend not uninstalling, as it will remove some of the information required for the other users.

Instead, we recommend “disabling” the add-on from within Internet Explorer/Firefox.

To disable from within Internet Explorer: Tools->Manage Add Ons->Enable Or Disable Add Ons->MasterAddOnGenControl->Disable

To disable from within Firefox: Tools->Add Ons. Click on the ‘Extensions’ tab and then press the ‘Disable’ button for TableMaster.

Does each user get a different trial period?

No. The trial period began when the first user installed.


How do I operate it?
You need to right-click on a location within a table. Then choose TableMaster from the drop down menu that appears.

What does “Warning: this table has more than one body, etc.” mean?
A web designer can create a table with multiple bodies.

In this case TableMaster maintains the separation and sorts each body on its own. However sometimes its not obvious that the table is constructed in this way, the purpose of the message box is merely to point this out to you.

(See Tables 101 for more information.)

I did “Unhide” but not all the rows have returned – why?
There are 3 mechanisms for making rows invisible:

  • Hide
  • Filtering
  • Displaying By Flag Colour

A row can be made invisible by any three of these options. The “Unhide” option only returns rows that were made invisible by “Hide”.
Even if you did “Hide” on a row, and subsequently performed a filter, the “Unhide” might not make it visible because of the filter.

To make all rows visible you must: do unhide, clear the filters, and display all flag colours.

Not all the text in a row appeared in the filter options – why?
The text that did not appear was probably a hyperlink. Such text is not included in the options for a filter.

What does “Turn this into a header/body/footer row mean?
HTML tables support three sections: headers (usually for column headings) bodies (usually for data) and footers (usually for summaries and totals). However, its quite common for web designers to ignore this feature and program everything as a body. When TableMaster detects such a table it allows you to change rows to have TableMaster treat them as if they were header/body/footer rows.

See Table 101 for more information on headers, footers and bodies, and see the help section on Headers and Footer related options

Some rows stay at the top, no matter if I sort ascending or descending – why?
This occurs when a row does not have data in the column you are sorting for. See Table 101 for more information.

Is any information about the tables I have visited sent to MasterAddOns?
Absolutely not. Once installed ALL work done by TableMaster is done within your PC only. There is no further connection to MasterAddOns.

See the privacy section in the Tech. Talk page for more details.


How do I operate it?
You need to right-click on a location within a field. You will see four FieldMaster options appearing in the drop down menu.

I pressed on a button on the form. The FieldMaster buttons disappeared – why?
This happens when pressing the button causes the entire web-page to be reloaded. When a page is reloaded, the FieldMaster and TableMaster additions are lost.

See the next entry for more details, including how to work when this happens.

Why are there four FieldMaster options?
The FieldMaster option adds in extra buttons, as outlined on the FieldMaster page. These buttons are the most convenient way to work, but they disappear if the page is reloaded. (See the previous entry for more details.)

The other three options allow FieldMaster to work even when the page is reloaded, or even when moving from website to website.

The FieldMaster:Choose option allows us to choose a list. FieldMaster remembers this list from reload to reload, from website to website, even if you reboot.

The FieldMaster:Next will add the next value from that list into the current field

The FieldMaster:Prev will add the previous value from that list into the current field

Is any information about the fields I have used sent to MasterAddOns?
Absolutely not. Once installed all work done by FieldMaster is done within your PC only. There is no further connection to MasterAddOns.