MasterAddOns takes payment through PayPal, where you can pay via credit card or PayPal account. The only information MasterAddOns receives from PayPal is your email address.

Please make sure you enter this correctly, as MasterAddOns will use it to email you licensing information.

After making payment, you will receive an email giving you login and password information. When you wish to active a license you must go to the license activation page and log in.

Normally you will receive the email within a few moments, but if you do not receive it after 24 hours please contact MasterAddOns.

Please note that some email filters might treat the email from MasterAddOns as spam, so if you do not receive the mail please check your spam/junk email folder.

MasterAddOns supports single licenses, or you can buy multiple licences and save money. You can purchase from one computer and activate the licence on another.

The table below show you the different pricing arrangements – click on the “Buy Now” button in that row to make a purchase. All prices are in US Dollars.

 # Licenses  Price  Discount %  Cost/License
1 10.00 0 10.00
2 18.00 0 9.00
5 40.00 0 8.00
10 70.00 0 7.00
50 250.00 0 5.00